Sunday, February 26th: Alongside- Missional
h By Pastor Bill Flavin

Discipleship is the intersection of our vision to be a community who is Radical in Love, Real in Relationships, and Rooted in Christ. But what do we mean here at River Rock when we say disciple? It starts with the word alongside. Discipleship is walking alongside others as they are transformed by the gospel, pursue Jesus, and live out his mission. A disciple’s life is one that is driven by a missional lifestyle, where we are on mission to share the gospel and live like Jesus in all of our lives.

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Sunday April 21:  Nehemiah 2:1-10, “Pray Boldly”

Sunday April 21: Nehemiah 2:1-10, “Pray Boldly”

Jesus tells us in Matthew that we should ask, seek and knock when it comes to prayer and connection with God. Nehemiah takes this to a new level. When asked what he wants and is praying about, he gives not only a bold response, but an answer that he has clearly been praying about and thinking through for some time.

Sunday April 14:  Nehemiah 1, “The Heart of Prayer”

Sunday April 14: Nehemiah 1, “The Heart of Prayer”

Nehemiah hears an update from back in the old country that breaks his heart. He stops what he is doing to pray a bold and heartfelt prayer for his people and city.  He models a posture of following the Spirit’s prompting around prayer, and praying boldly.