Sunday January 14: “Radical In Love” John 15:9-17
By Bill Flavin, Lead Pastor

Unfortunately, church service had to be cancelled because of the weather.

Today we start our vision series looking at what it means to be radical in love. Jesus paints a picture in John 15 of radical love being sacrificial, placing others and their needs before our own. 

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Sunday March 31:  Easter, Acts 10:34-48

Sunday March 31: Easter, Acts 10:34-48

Easter Sunday was a tide change event. Jesus’ death and resurrection forever changed our relationship with God. Part of the impact of it was also who’s relationship changed with God because of those events. Jesus’ ministry culminated in his death and resurrection, which was meant to be a gift and sacrifice to many people, and the hope of that message grounds us, and gives us both joy and hope even today.

Sunday March 24:  Palm Sunday, Mark 11:1-11

Sunday March 24: Palm Sunday, Mark 11:1-11

On Palm Sunday, Jesus’ ministry moved into the limelight for many in Jerusalem that day. The traveling teacher who had impacted so many, was not center stage as crowds greeted him as many had gathered in Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. That day many in the crowd had a variety of expectations and hopes of what this traveling rabbi might mean for Jewish people going forward.

Sunday March 17:  “Rooted:  Disciple” Luke 14:25-35

Sunday March 17: “Rooted: Disciple” Luke 14:25-35

Early in adulthood I learned a hard lesson. Every choice (even the ones that feel like we are refusing to make a choice) has consequences and impact. Jesus wants to remind his followers that being a disciple is a wonderful and impactful way to live, that leads us to the most fulfilling life we are designed to live. Following Jesus also comes with commands to live a life that is unlike others and calls us to a higher standard.