Sunday, March 26th: Alongside-Reflective Lifestyle
h By Pastor Bill Flavin

Discipleship is the intersection of our vision to be a community who is Radical in Love, Real in Relationships, and Rooted in Christ. But what do we mean here at River Rock when we say disciple? It starts with the word alongside. Discipleship is walking alongside others as they are transformed by the gospel, pursue Jesus, and live out his mission. A disciple’s life is one that is driven by a missional lifestyle, where we are on mission to share the gospel and live like Jesus in all of our lives. In a world that moves quickly, disciples are called to be reflective, thoughtful, intentional.

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Sunday March 3:  “Rooted:  Prayer” Matthew 6:5-15

Sunday March 3: “Rooted: Prayer” Matthew 6:5-15

It feels like prayer and reading the bible are two of the most common things that we are told are important as Christians. Jesus lays out in Matthew 6 a picture of the heart and posture for prayer that we can model in our own lives.

Sunday February 25:  I Love My Church “Rooted In Christ – God’s Word” Psalm 1

Sunday February 25: I Love My Church “Rooted In Christ – God’s Word” Psalm 1

Churches often talk about the importance of reading the bible, which is good, and needed. In Psalm 1 though we hear about loving and meditating on God’s Word. That God’s Word would be interwoven throughout our lives, that what the bible says would leak into every aspect of our lives. That God’s Word would give us a foundation to lean on in all seasons of life and in all circumstances.