Sunday March 31: Easter, Acts 10:34-48
By Bill Flavin, Lead Pastor

Easter Sunday was a tide change event.  Jesus’ death and resurrection forever changed our relationship with God.  Part of the impact of it was also who’s relationship changed with God because of those events. Jesus’ ministry culminated in his death and resurrection, which was meant to be a gift and sacrifice to many people, and the hope of that message grounds us, and gives us both joy and hope even today.

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Sunday April 21:  Nehemiah 2:1-10, “Pray Boldly”

Sunday April 21: Nehemiah 2:1-10, “Pray Boldly”

Jesus tells us in Matthew that we should ask, seek and knock when it comes to prayer and connection with God. Nehemiah takes this to a new level. When asked what he wants and is praying about, he gives not only a bold response, but an answer that he has clearly been praying about and thinking through for some time.

Sunday April 14:  Nehemiah 1, “The Heart of Prayer”

Sunday April 14: Nehemiah 1, “The Heart of Prayer”

Nehemiah hears an update from back in the old country that breaks his heart. He stops what he is doing to pray a bold and heartfelt prayer for his people and city.  He models a posture of following the Spirit’s prompting around prayer, and praying boldly.